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Performance time


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  • 11:30/13:30/16:00
  • 11:30/13:30/15:00/16:30
  • Contact experience (pay) with sea lion
  • 11:30/13:30/15:00/16:30
  • Suspension of the performance day
※On the contact experience date with sea lion, sea lion show becomes the suspension of the performance.

News of "contact experience with sea lion"♪

There are usually visit to backyard and taking a ceremonial photograph with sea lion, contact experience that we cannot readily see!
Chance apart from the backside of sea lion show! Please experience at this opportunity☆

①We explain flow of experience
②Visit to facility
③Contact with sea lion
※What can experience only as for the participant. Attendant observes.
At first please come in contact with sea lion after having had you know sea lion. (we give signature and can touch body of sea lion.)
④Taking a ceremonial photograph
※It is one piece of taking a ceremonial photograph for person who paid rate. We photograph with camera and cell-phone of customer.

Three times a day (11:30 - /13: 30 - /15: 30 ...)

<the time required>
Around 40 minutes

Ten people

<target age>
3 years old or older

1,000 yen ※It becomes the handling only for cash.
※About participation of one person, it is free to one attendant. It is 300 yen per person after the second.

<participation ticket sale place>
Central box office (ghost Yashikimae) ※After filling out application, come to window.

<participation ticket sale time>
Until opening hours - 15:30 ※It should be finished as soon as we reach capacity in each time.

※In addition, we may change contents by physical condition of sea lion.

The latest information

New article

We see blog of sea lion show more

Facility guidance (NTV ranran hall)

As it is indoor, you can enjoy even rainy weather.

It is up to 500 seats at the time of sea lion show holding

The NTV ranran hall appearance
The stage building
The stage building
The stage building

Sea lion you guidance & show item

MEGU (Meg)

tokuigi: We evade ring

Item still underwater in old days is elatedness! It does not decline still more ☆In fact, lovely smile and eyes power are attractive!

RIP (lip)

tokuigi: Balance art

Anyway, it is eager beaver! It is slightly hasty, but such a place is one of the prettiness, too ♪ On the nose, we ride anything!

YUZU (citron)

tokuigi: Great jump

Top star who is careless at one's own pace! But jump item good at is sightseeing. We pay attention to various figures of citron!

HIRARI (lightly)

tokuigi: High jump

We have most coward character, but grow up for top idol in sea lion show every day. We love to move body! Vigorous talkative person is defeated by nobody!

KANTA (can large)

tokuigi: Trumpet

We aim at future top star! We love fish ☆ Body becomes bigger, too! Strength of snort so as to can play trumpet! Come to meet by all means; is uncool.

SUMOMO (plum)

tokuigi: Frisbee

Though it is small body, strength of competitive spirit is the first than which sea lion! Such a "plum" came to have many items. We are looking forward to time to show to everybody.