Customer of group

・All the group plans need reservation beforehand.
・We are charged a fee than child who reached 3-year-old birthday on visiting day.
・Please inquire for welfare group.

Kind of group

Kindergarten, nursery school group

You can spend happy day at vehicle or sea lion show for children.
Please use on autumn excursions in spring.
※In the case of examination, please refer to barbecue plan with barbecue.

The details are this

School group

How about YOMIURI LAND on excursion of school events?
Please use on autumn excursions in spring.
※Schoolchild becomes elementary school rate application only when you have facility mark (address seal impossibility).
※In the case of examination, please refer to barbecue plan with barbecue.

The details are this

Graduation excursion plan
(primary, middle and high schools)

We offered "graduation excursion plan" for memory of the student life last. This year "demystification! Plan to be able to enjoy with all teacher, the students including rescue game is recommended! 2019/2/4 - 3/15

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Child society, general group

If child society, gym, private supplementary school, more than 20 people including corporation relations become matching, please consider.

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Company group

How is event of athletic meet as place of communication of employee and union member? Do you not expand "communication in the company" and "motivation" once again? YOMIURI LAND cooperates by athletic meet holding to the maximum!

The details are this

Barbecue plan

You can enjoy barbecue in comfortable space of natural full environment and Wood deck.

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Contact information Telephone Email
YOMIURI LAND group charge 044-966-1123 Ask
  • You are going to use customer group name, person in charge name, zip code, address, contact information phone number, FAX number, e-mail address and are going to participate in email in time, and, clearly stating the number of people, necessity or not of estimate, hope reply method (telephone, E-email, document sending) or other hope, questionary from YOMIURI LAND, please send to the YOMIURI LAND person in charge.
  • In the case of dispatch, please refer for reservation over telephone.