Hot water of YOMIURI LAND hill

〒206-8566 3302-8, Yanokuchi, Inagi-shi, Tokyo telephone: 044-969-1126 business hours: From 10:00 to 24:00 (the last receptionist: at 23:30)

Welcome to hot water of life - hill with outdoors hot water at ease


2018/10/17 Wednesday
Great chance! "Coupon point double campaign" is held!

From Monday, October 22 to 28th Sunday

Member-limited campaign!

"Complimentary ticket" great chance that gets in large quantities!

This very attractive opportunity without passing over!

2018/10/11 Thursday
Under "hot water illuminations of hill" conduct!

Hot water illuminations of hill

We enjoy the cool air the entrance ago in evening in hall and carry out on terrace.

Using approximately 15,000 pitches, we look forward to your coming.

Hot water dehokkori of hill will warm cool body♪

2018/10/11 Thursday
Giraffe bower "autumn menu" beginning to sell!

Thursday, October 11 ...

Restaurant giraffe bower

Autumn menu appearance!

◆ Beef Yanagawa set meal (1,080 yen)

◆ Atka mackerel set meal (980 yen) 

◆ Soaked bowl (1,080 yen) of fatty bonito

◆ Ankake Yakisoba (hard noodles) (780 yen)

◆ Kakiage (320 yen) of pumpkin and mushrooms

We offered menu which could enjoy the sum.

Please appreciate.

2018/10/10 Wednesday
Hot water plaza Tenan, Polaris "jewellumination-limited menu" of hill appearance!

From Thursday, October 11 to Sunday, February 17 

In hot water plaza Tenan, Polaris of hill

We sell Special Menu for a limited time.



 Jewellumination menu 2018

 "Deluxe Ankake Yakisoba of lobster" 2,400 yen


 Original special menu

 "pomu de jewel" 210 yen (20 daily limitation)


Both heart and body warm,

It becomes Special Menu only for this period when it is full of color like jewel.

Please appreciate♪

2018/10/09 Tuesday
Weekdays from 11:00 to 17:00 limitation! "There are no admission charges" and appears, and "hand fir tree toko, restaurant" is available.

◆ Weekdays only ◆

"There are no admission charges", and be similar

"Hand fir tree toko, restaurant" is available.


◆ Information for use

 Reception hours : From 11:00 to 17:00 on weekdays

 Reception desk place : The front desk

 Use time : After the reception desk until two hours


 ※It becomes admission that we attach wristband.

 ※Of bathing, hot water closed place cannot use.

 ※On specific days such as Sunday, the year-end and New Year holidays, it is unavailable for from Saturday, August 11 to 19th during Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and tray period

 ※I decline admission of tattoo, tattoo (I include seal) firmly.

  Thank you for your understanding beforehand.


We wait for visit.

2018/09/30 Sunday
October event calendar
2018/09/18 Tuesday
Plain hot water atsu bath "tourmaline"

From Monday, October 15 to Sunday, October 28

2018/09/18 Tuesday
Flavor of herb medicine steam bath "mugwort"

From Monday, October 15 to Sunday, October 21

2018/08/03 Friday
◆The front reception desk staff ◆Recruitment of cleaning staff
2015/07/14 Tuesday
News to customer coming by car

In admission

  • I decline admission of person concerned with tattoo, tattoo (I include seal), gang, inebriate firmly.
  • I decline admission that I am with carry-on, pet of food and drink in hall.
  • Drinking of one where car is driven and drinking, smoking of one of the minority are prohibited by law.

News of closed days

Hot water of hill

Tuesday, November 27

Hot water plaza of hill

Tuesday, November 27

Tenan, Polaris, Miyoshi field