Information for garden inside and outside facility

Facility in garden

Facility out of the garden

NTV ranran hall

All weather type facility "multipurpose hall which is multi-, and is usable by mobile"

Seating capacity can hold up to 1,000 people, concert and theater, a variety of events including seminar.
Characteristic of the hall first is, "floor, wall change to movement, various stage". We adopted "flying floor" that seat part went up and down for the first time in Japan and maintained pool under the seat. Let alone direction using water, we plan holding of sea lion show.
At the time of seat drop, seating capacity increases to 1,000 people from 500 people and can enjoy concert and movie viewing. In addition, seat and event can use back lawn open space by device of wall the front.

Number of the seats fixation seat

Up to 1,000 seats (at the time of use of pool: 505 seats)


133 square meters of event stages (W15m X D8.9m X H1.1m)
256 square meters of pool stages (W19m X D13.5m)
ranran open space 1250㎡
Open space 3900 that is heated that is heated㎡

  • We are fully equipped with 350 type screen, video projector.

Open space of the sun

It is open space of a lot of fun that character show, performance stage are opened.
It is stage which after entering with admission mouth, and getting off the grand staircase, is immediate.

Contact lawn open space, open space that is heated that is heated

We lie on our back flop and greatly stretch ourselves. There is open space that can be closed leisurely at each site in the garden.

Sacred place park

Sacred place park is Japanese garden of quiet appearance.
As for the walk around Buddhism remains, "thing which does not come to such a place!" is continuation of to surprise. Plum forgets that there are colored leaves very beautifully in amusement park for an instant in autumn in the New Year.
There is open space of very big lawn midmost, and it is in perfect cherry blossom viewing spot in spring. As you can use for athletic meet and event, please use!

Gondola "sky shuttle"

Gondola born in Italy is YOMIURI LAND specification!
It is transportation to link admission mouth "sky gate" to Keio Line Keio-Yomiuriland Station. Is Giants Stadium let alone the garden that is full of green from the air; exercise scenery of Giants player, if the weather is clear, can look at Mount Fuji, too. Please enjoy panoramic show of about 5-10 minutes.

Hot water of hill

  • Business hours / from 10:00 to 24:00 (receptionist last at 23:30)
  • Closed days / no fixed holiday (we announce on notice, homepage in hall)

Warm-bathing facility with 19 kinds of baths and two kinds of saunas.
We keep location called the top of hill alive and are proud of refreshment, open feeling.
Cherry tree is in full glory, too and can enjoy open-air bath in spring while seeing cherry blossoms.

KID-O-KID (kidokido)

Indoor game facility which supports growth that parent and child enjoy exercise and play together, and balance of "heart, head, body" of child was produced.
Including large wooden playground equipment "Forest twin tower becoming first in Japan," it is full of pleasant playground equipments.

Yomiuri golf garden

Weekdays from 10:00 to 22:00, soil Sunday/Holiday from 8:00 to 22:00

Driving range of modern facilities. With 180 yards, 80 at bats, all turn at bat air-conditioning perfection, full auto device to tee up includes.
We can perform bunker exercise, pat exercise, too.
As night game exercise is possible until 22:00, please use for return that played for work return in amusement park by all means!

Giants Stadium, indoor practice field

We can see exercise of Eastern League official game (game with Giants 2 forces) athlete exciting game and longed-for Giants, too. Place that is really nice for giant fan.

  • You can see exercise on day without Eastern League free.
  • We cannot observe the room exercise hall.
  • It is schedule of YOMIURI LAND Giants Stadium.

Tokyo Verdy soccer ground

Tokyo Verdy, team's home field of bereza.
We can observe exercise of top team.