Business guidance

Can you enter a kindergarten with pet?

I'm sorry. Except guide dog, deaf person's dog, service dog, I decline admission that I am with pet.

Is there baby room?

There are two places in garden. As there is place with curtain, the nursing is possible, too.

Do you sell diaper?

We sell in "Shop Gets" (shop Getz Bros.) and "Yomiuri Main Store" of stand in garden.

Do you sell dry milk?

I'm sorry. As you do not sell, please make preparations beforehand.

Is hot water prepared?

It is prepared into baby room.

Do you rent stroller?

We accept with sky gate admission mouth. I take 1,000 yen as deposit at the time of rental (I refund at the time of return).

  • We cannot make a reservation.
  • As number is limited, we recommend that you have familiar stroller.
From what time to what time can parking lot park?

We can enter in the morning from half past 7. It is night by 10:00.

How much is parking rate per day?

1,500 yen, microbus are usually 2,500 yen when it is car. In addition, reservation is necessary when you come by microbus. (※ 044-966-1123) two-wheeled vehicle has free bicycle parking place.

Is carry-on of lunch in garden possible?

All right. But I decline bottle, can, carry-on of alcohols.

How old does small child need rate from?

Rate is necessary from child who became 3 years old.

Can you re-enter?

We issue rain check if you can call out to person in charge who is at entrance.
When you come back to amusement park, show rain check.

Is there ATM?

There is not ATM in the amusement park garden, the pool hall, but there is one ATM for admission mention (March 18 ...). In addition, credit card is available with box office and copy in garden.

Is credit card available?

It is available in the ticket purchase with admission mouth and Gj shop, Yomiuri Main Store, Shop Gets, stone house BBQ Park JU-JU in garden.

Is there place to leave big baggage at?

We install locker in each site in the garden.

Is the garden non-smoking?

Smoking is prohibited in the garden other than the place with ashtray. As small child is many places, please cooperate.

Do you give an allergic response?

As low allergenic menu "Goodjoba‼ There is "child curry" of KITCHEN. (※ low allergen menu is menu which does not use seven items of (eggs, milk, wheat, side, peanut, prawns, crab) of specific raw materials to raw materials.)
About the allergenic details of each other menus restaurant ("Goodday" "Goodjoba‼ "Restaurant La Piscine" offers allergenic table in) (as for the summer restaurant for exclusive use of pool) KITCHEN. In addition, we offer original bill of materials in "Sanuki-udon KU-DON". Wanting customer, please order to the restaurant staff.
In addition, specific raw materials cook all ingredients including 27 items in the same kitchen in all stands, restaurants in YOMIURI LAND, and cooking, cleaning apparatus uses other menus and common thing, too. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Can you eat barbecue in YOMIURI LAND?

It is available in BBQ ground "barbecue park JU-JU".
In addition, in the case of the use, reservation is necessary in more than four people.
(by the use situation such as groups, it may not be available. Please refer.)

Lost, but ...

We would like inquiry about lost article to "person in charge of YOMIURI LAND lost article".
Please inform of characteristic of article dropped on visiting day.
As for the storage period of lost article, as for the umbrella, three others become monthly storage for one month, hope that have understand.
TEL 044-966-1219 reception hours from 10:00 to 17:00

Can we bring tricycles into amusement park?

About vehicles running by itself such as bicycle, tricycle, kickboard to amusement park, we have you refrain from carry-on.

  • The garden may have you refrain from carry-on when a lot of slopes judge even other things if person in charge is in danger.

About attraction

What is chick pass?

Transportation for admission and sea lion show and designated children is ticket becoming free-to-ride.

Is bungee jumping available with one D pass?

It is not available with one D pass. It is available in ticket 900 yen minute of seaweed.

It is 120cm tall or more and is primary schoolchild, can even child alone get on bandits?

You can take basically. However, we ask for having you take with adult when child is afraid. In addition, please note that I may decline ride when I judge that others, person in charge are in danger.
In addition, I would like cooperation on this occasion as person in charge confirms height at entrance.

When we get on vehicle, where should we put baggage?

There are vehicle with baggage place and few vehicle. When there is not, it is put off to your companion or has you use locker. In addition, depending on vehicle step of vehicle,
As there is thing that accessory case bag is provided, ask person in charge.
In addition, all are lost and are damaged, and please be careful as we take, and responsibility by differences cannot be due.

We appoint front seat and seat behind, and can we get on?

There is vehicle which we cannot appoint of seat by relations of balance of vehicle.
I would like ride that we follow guide of person in charge.

When we have obstacle, is there attraction not to be able to get on?

It is high-speed for some attractions, and there are turn, running thing, thing which greatly moves up and down, thing with intense shaking, thing making a big sound.
In addition, you may have to wait in attraction depending on climbing up and down of emergency staircase at high place including case that attraction urgently stopped, emergency passage and long-distance walk, situation.
By these reasons, there is attraction not to be able to have the use by obstacle. Please refer for the details.
Inquiry 044-966-1133

Injury when get sick or body has inconvenience, is there attraction that is not available?

It is high-speed for some attractions, and there are turn, running thing, thing which greatly moves up and down, thing with intense shaking, thing making a big sound.
In addition, you may have to wait in attraction depending on climbing up and down of emergency staircase at high place including case that attraction urgently stopped, emergency passage and long-distance walk, situation.
By these reasons injury when is got sick, there is attraction not to be able to use partly. Please confirm the details from this.

In addition, I hand thing called "guest support card" to customer (I include toward the companion) that it is difficult disease and he/she has injury or to be lined up to body in inconvenience gaoaride, time until the attraction use in the following object attraction. This card can spend time until attraction ride without standing in waiting line.
In addition, you are doing with handling that customer having "guest support card" waits as well as other customers until time for target attraction use and is lined up in line, and please note that other attractions be used and are not precocious.

[target attraction]

We have friend and family stand in line awaiting attraction, and we want to join on the way, is it possible?

Junction has you decline on the way.


What is workshop?

Goodjoba‼ But it is corner that can experience recommended manufacturing directly.
Manufacturing experience along theme is possible every each factory of car, food, fashion, stationery, and Goodjoba‼ We can know feelings of manufacturing of partner company, support company of this.
We hold several times every day. As holding time is fixed, you propose at convenient time, and please participate.

What is contents, schedule of workshop?

Please confirm here.

Rate of workshop?

300 yen per person. Please offer ticket of seaweed. In addition, please note that you cannot use with various passes such as one D pass, chick pass.

How long does it take time?

There are some before and after, but it is 30-45 minutes.

How do you participate in workshop?

Rearranging ticket is necessary for participation. Rearranging ticket is Goodjoba‼ We issue by each factory, rearranging ticket ticketing machine in in front of workshop space of this. Rearranging ticket distributes rearranging ticket of all workshops on the day with opening of the park of amusement park on first-come-first-served basis. Come to venue after the receipt with rearranging ticket at start time. Hand ticket of seaweed for the participation number of people to the workshop staff at the time of participation.
In addition, we can participate in each workshop, and the number of people includes limit. Receptionist becomes the end as soon as application reaches the number of the capacity. Thank you for your understanding.
In addition, only the necessary number of sheets would appreciate your getting rearranging ticket so that customers as many as possible participate in workshop.

Can workshop participate in small children?

We ask child less than primary schoolchild for attendant of customer who is higher than junior high student.
In addition, I would like confirmation as there is thing that age limit is different about workshop to carry out for a limited time and some workshops.

We want to let workshop participate only in children, are rearranging ticket, rate necessary for parent of attendant?

About rearranging ticket)
Rearranging ticket becomes necessary for customer of attendant ("only workshop my UFO factory" of FOOD factory is unnecessary).
As we can input the number of customers of attendant at the time of rearranging ticket ticketing, I would like input without forgetting. As for the customer of attendance that you do not have, you will see rearranging ticket around workshop space. In addition, approve in one of (for one participant as for the attendant to one person) having workshop with limit to the number of customers of attendant.

About rate)
Rate does not incur to customer of attendant who does not participate in workshop.
Rate participates in workshop and actually receives manufacturing experience only from customer worked as.

Can you participate even if late for start time?

As workshop starts on schedule, we would appreciate your moving to venue within five minutes before start time.
In addition, please note that it should be cancellation when you cannot come even if it is past ten minutes from start time.

Can we reserve workshop?

As you sell one D pass with reserved seat ticket on the date and time of each workshop, only in Seven-Eleven, please use.

Seven-Eleven-limited! Under one D pass sale on workshop date with reserved seat ticket! The purchase from this

About character show

What are contents of today's character show?

As for the details, please see this.

Holding place, held time?

As for the details, please see this.

Is money and rearranging ticket necessary?

You can watch free (fee for entering kindergarten is necessary separately).

Even if it rains, is it performed?

As you judge by the weather situation and forecast, please refer on the day when show is carried out.
Inquiry 044-966-1133

Is shooting of show possible?

You do not prohibit shooting, but please refrain from the following acts.
・Upload to the Internet top of video
・Use of shooting machine parts at position that is higher than head of viewer
・Act to point shooting machine parts to other customers

Is use of tripod possible?

You are possible, but please always use at place to reach of the hand without making unmanned state for security.
In addition, I decline use of plural tripods.

About group

How many people does it become group from?

It is from more than 20 people.

Is reservation necessary?

As you may have to wait when you came, we ask for reservation.
As for the detailed guidance, please see this.

Does it cost cancellation fee?

It does not occur to ticket charges. But barbecue is necessary.

Other facilities

When does Eastern League do it?

Please see this in game schedule.

We want to go for game of Verdy.

Verdy ground is next to YOMIURI LAND amusement park.
We make detailed guidance hahakochiraoo wish.