Advantageous coupon and information are varied! We began privilege on birthday♪

Advantageous coupon and information are varied! We began privilege on birthday♪

Member of YOMIURI LAND e-mail magazine "meeting of Good luck." is full of advantageous privileges♪

Membership benefit

☆The coupon present that 1 is advantageous

(18 years old - 64 years old)
Junior and senior high school students3 years old - primary schoolchildSilver
(65 years old or older)
One D pass (member special price)

Admission + vehicle free-to-ride

5,400 yen⇒
4,900 yen
4,300 yen⇒
3,900 yen
3,800 yen⇒
3,500 yen
4,500 yen⇒
3,900 yen

It is usable in 2 birth days! Coupon present special on birthday

★It is usable in birth days! We get special coupon on birthday when it is more advantageous than normal member discount!

★Of coupon there are other Good and birthday presents from Lucky, too!

Of course privilege is received on normal birthday, too♪
It is this about birthday privilege in detail>>

※We deliver special coupon on birthday in the last month of birth month. (delivery of coupon plans the last day of the last month on birthday.)

※It is one month of birth month on expiration date of special coupon on birthday.
※New registration until 15:00 applies on the day before birth moon. New registration of this month is inapplicable on birthday.
(when 1/15-born: person, e.g., registers with 1/1 newly, we cannot receive special coupon on birthday.)

☆We send 3 latest event information
Around once in month, we send event information of YOMIURI LAND.

Registration method

①We click lower button and send email of the sky! (


 ※In the one made the domain designated reception or mail-filter setting, I would like registration of "".

 ※Gmail address may be divided in two by unwanted e-mail. When reply email does not arrive, please confirm unwanted e-mail folder.

②Click URL listed in reply email, and to this registration screen! (one week on expiration date of URL.)

③With this registration screen, we input member information!

④Registration completion♪


●Registration is encrypted by SSL and is communicated.
Please confirm this about the handling of personal information.
We change without notice or service may be finished.
With other discount, privileges cannot use together.

"Meeting of Good luck." member

□■Member-limited advantageous coupon is this■□

□■Change of registration contents is this■□

□■Withdrawal is this■□

※Customer who does not understand password is this