Giant Ferris Wheel

Representative attraction of amusement park!

From altitude of Tama hill approximately 160m, we can overlook to skyscrapers of Mount Fuji and the downtown area let alone the whole amusement park on fine day. Speaking of amusement park, it is Ferris wheel. You can take from child to adult.

Attraction information

Height / weight restrictions


Age limit

Under 5 years old attendant required


600 yen

Ticket kind

One D pass

Chick pass

Even gentle rain is OK

One lap of time Approximately 13 minutes High top part 61.4m
Rotary diameter 59m Altitude 103m
The number of capacity, the rides 46 4-crew - -

Acceptable use policy except the above is this

Staff recommended point!

Please spend special time of 13 minutes!

Though family enjoys superb view all together; excellent; though do, and soak itself in the world only for two by couple; excellent; do, and please enjoy 13 minutes when only is wonderful!
In addition, as gondola decorated depending on event in particular comes up, in fun.

Allied attraction

Pencil tower

Tower type attraction with mechanical pencil and ruler as motif

Tower type attraction of approximately 9m in height. Ride rises when we pull rope in front! We descend slowly when we separate hand. Let's pull rope for triangle in top of tower.

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