No. 1 popular coaster of YOMIURI LAND firmness

Coaster which runs at full speed while repeating ups and downs at a maximum of 110km per an hour in forest which can feel season. We can finish running mileage 1,560m at violent speed.

Ride photo service

bandettofoto 350.jpg
With camera which installed in course, is taking; take a picture.
Usually please see expression taking that we cannot take by all means!
In addition, we will be proud of in SNS as image can purchase even data!

Only as for the photograph data, it is ... 600 yen
Photograph one piece (with data) ... 1,000 yen
Photograph two pieces (with data) ... 1,500 yen

Attraction information

Height / weight restrictions

More than 120cm tall
We cannot use one that does not reach prescribed height.

Age limit

More than primary schoolchild


900 yen

Ticket kind

One D pass

The maximum speed 110km/h High top part 51m
Maximum difference in elevation 78m Full length 1,560m
The number of capacity, the rides 28-passenger - -

Acceptable use policy except the above is this

Staff recommended point!

We are proud of magnificent scale and superb view!

Scenery in amusement park to see from the best terminus ad quem, skyscrapers and Mount Fuji of the downtown area are particular. In winter, fantastic scenery spreads in illuminations and collaboration of night view. However, splendid scenery makes nose dive at a stretch at moment and runs at full speed in forest! Coaster which can enjoy superb view and screaming at the same time is YOMIURI LAND Nara!

Allied attraction

Wan Wan Coaster Wandit

Land dog to coaster!

However, product for child is surprising visually if we get on? Quite popular coaster which adult can enjoy. Person good at roller coaster can enjoy one that we do not like.

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